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            Why We Train

While all forms of physical activity and many training programs bring positive results, I believe that it is preferable to "train to live" rather than "live to train". I believe that training should not be our only physical activity; it should not monopolize our time. We should also be walking as much as possible, playing sports, working in our gardens and actively taking on projects around the home. The brief, focussed time we spend in the gym should be designed to elevate these other activities, not replace them. Balance in our active pursuits between efficient training and leisure time fosters overall wellness and robust longevity. Oh, and surfing too!

            Diet and Nutrition


I LOVE food; I LOVE to eat. I enjoy exploring new culinary experiences as often as possible and, within a few parameters, there is virtually nothing I won't eat. There was a time, however, when I believed that I could eat whatever I wanted and in almost any volume so long as I maintained an activity level sufficient to maintain a healthy weight/body composition. That time has passed as I've come to realize that diet must be considered along with training programs to optimize outcomes. The blog portion of this site explores topics related to this such as Slow Carb, Canada's Food Guide, advice to help ensure lasting dietary change, Paleo-Centric diet considerations, Intermittent Fasting, Blue Zones diet and lifestyle and more.

            45 & Thrive


Personalized, focussed and foundational personal training instruction based on 45 & Thrive principles is available on a limited basis. My primary goal when working with clients is to quickly and efficiently get them to the point where my services are unnecessary. A confident, comfortable and knowledgable client is their own best personal trainer. I only work with a maximum of six clients at a time and usually for only a short, targeted period of time to lay the foundation of a strong, yet efficient program. Occasionally clients book me for one or two 'tune up' sessions to check or correct form, check progress, and help keep on track. *Introductory self-defence classes available upon request; please contact for details.

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Michael Patterson M.Ed has spent 30+ years as a fitness and health professional.  He holds degrees in Physical and Health Education, Psychology, and Education. As a varsity athlete at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario he played football for the Golden Gaels 1982-1986. He has a keen interest in traditional Japanese martial arts which led him to being awarded a 4th dan ranking in Meitoku-ha Goju-Ryu karate-do as certified by the Dai Nippopn Butoku Kai in Kyoto, Japan under the tutelage of Hanshi Ken Tallack, 9th Dan. Michael has conducted and led introductory self-defence programs for staff and students in the Limestone DSB as well as the wider Kingston community. Throughout his career he has been a teacher, coach and mentor for students, athletes and clients interested in achieving fitness, performance and lifestyle goals. He is a respected football and rugby coach, has been known to play a little 'Old Boys' rugby now and again, and has recently returned to playing pick-up hockey. He wrestles regularly with his three grown sons.